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Andrew Scott Photography

Specialist in light painting cars and bikes

Need your Car or Bike light painted?

Light painting is a night time activity, ideally starting at dusk to capture  the sky. An interesting background is also important in framing the vehicle.

A photography session typically takes upto 2 hours resulting in around 50 images being taken.

During this time you'll learn how the light painting process works and is encouraged to play an active role in the photographic process.

After the photo session you part company where Andrew  returns to his studio to work on the image. A few days later you'll be contacted and the image will be presented, often in person, by hand if  reasonably local.

You'll be presented with a large print, digital masters and reduced copies for social media and computer desktop use.


Photographic session including editing and print:

£135 (additional travel expenses may apply)

As a gift?

Gift vouchers are available on request. Please ring or e-mail via the contact page for full details.


Light painting and post editing is an artistic process, there can be no guarantee the customer will like the resulting image. The final image is limited to the photographs taken during the photographic session. Although graphic manipulation is possible it is avoided where possible.

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